0207.08: One more poem (Awake). Sorry for the pun.

0205.04: Oops. Added two more poems (Stage Is Set, Untitled4).

0204.05: Three months, ok. :b Added a new poem that I just wrote maybe ten minutes ago (Landing). Have fun.

0201.05: Happy New Years. Er... ok, so I've been doing a few things. Added a few poems (let's see if I can remember them; Infallible, Prism, Refuse (refuse like the waste, not to refuse something), Seagull's, Srexis) and a new prose piece (Epistaxis). Tried convincing myself I actually liked them. Failed. Oh well. Changed some of the poem's formats to be more uniform. Fonts are now going to be Tahoma instead of Arial Narrow, so I've got all of the poetry to do, not to mention making them all the same colour. Gagh. Why do I bother?

0112.02: Well, it's been a while, hmm? Yeah. Quite a few months. Quite a few histories have already been written and erased in the time since I've updated. But I'm going to be better in the future at updating, promise. I'll be changing all the colours over the next week or so; please bear with me.

0108.2: Didn't have time before the thunderstorm last night to add a new entry here. New story (Marked Territory)... I personally love it. But then again, I've only re-read it twice.

0107.31: Me again, twenty hours later. I just realised that I didn't mention the new story (Heartless) that I added yesterday. Oh.

0107.31: Yeah, first three hours of today and I've already got a new poem up. What can I say, but fanfic inspires me to write my fucking brains out? Anyway, it's there (Closed).

0107.3: *laughs bitterly* I'm not doing too good here. Maybe it's the chakolat I just ate, maybe not. God, I need to grow up. Chocolate, not chakolat. Anyway, I added that story I told you about yesterday (The Journey). Good reading.

0107.29: Hmmm... I know I've added something new, but I can't remember what. It was a poem, or a couple of poems. Hmm. Ok, 2 poems (Attack, Midtown Adventure). That last one is really old (from March, I think) and I just kept forgetting to add it. I've also reformatted the Miscellaneous section and the Prose section. And later today, I should have another story up.

0107.16: Added another story (You've Got Mail). Clever title, no? Lol. Anyway, I'm off to get some sleep (it's 2 in the morning).

0107.02: Last time I forgot to mention that I had also added two new poems (Enough, Shards). Today, I have added another story -- if you could call it that (The Writer).

0106.27: Hey, just realised I had forgotten to update this particular page when last I added a story (The Teacher). Go check it.

0104.09: New story -- sort of. (For You). If it's for you to read, then you know the password. If it's for you to read, it's your password.

0104.08: New guestbook and counter. Couldn't stand the way the old ones looked. Also a new design for the portal -- much more smooth, no? Anyway, that's basically it. Good day!

0104.07: (several hours later) Just realised that I added a new story (Dedicated) a few days ago. And for some reason the guestbook is a day ahead.

0104.07: Eh. Guess I figured it wasn't worth updating when nobody really visited the page anyway. Yeah, I know the counters say 4 unique visitors every day, but still... are they going through the site or just visiting the first page and leaving? Oh well, who cares?
*glances at the dates* Hmm, it's been a while, hasn't it? Just finished my two essays (11:59 am, danke, like I said I would). Maybe I'll go write something now... yeah...

0102.17: Happy St. Paddy's day. *looks at clothing* I guess I forgot it was today. Pinch me.
Not an official update today. Just a notice with all the crap I've been forgetting to tell y'all. Let's see... somewhere along the way I lost the Journal section. Oops. I'll probably be changing the miscellaneous section around again because I've decided it looks really stupid. I'll also probably add a note on the first page saying something about how much better the site looks with Netscape versus Explorer. You don't see somethings the right size for some reason with Explorer, and some of the scripts I used only work for Netscape. Go figure.
Also, I added another story sometime this month (A Single Breath). I can't remember exactly when, but I'm liking the story still, so it's gotta be fairly recent.

0102.25: Me again. The poem is called Fireballs.

0102.25: Haven't done too much. I'll be adding a new poem in a little bit. Changed the background to black, with maroon lines and faded elephants. Changed the Miscellaneous section around a little bit. Been adding cd after cd to the list, typing up lyrics after lyrics... that's a lot of typing, you know. *sigh*
Mark this day... here is where my descent begins.

0102.18: Added another poem (Gargoyles) and another entry to the journals. Thinking I should talk about elephants somewhere. Perhaps.

0102.15: Well, happy Valentine's Day! Added a new section, Journals. Changed the whole outlook of the pages. What do you think? Yes, no? Maybe? I don't know.

0102.08: New story (Anew) and a new poem (Stigma).

0102.01: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELORA!!! Added another poem (Killing the Out of Reach).

0101.31: Three new poems (Are Today, Ice, KP-54).

0101.27: Updated Mike's site, so there's another one of his poems up (12:30 am). Also placed a little bio for him there. Just click About Mike.

0101.23: Tra la di da di... updated last night... added a new story (The Streetlight), which I also submitted (anonymously) to Seascapes. Haha... anyway... added another poem tonight (UST) but I'm not going to put NEW! next to it, 'cause it takes too long.

0101.14: Oh my... it's been a while. And it'll probably be a while again. My computer privileges were revoked, so I've only got an hour on it each night. And since that means I get to use it less often, I'm writing less often (b/c of course, I have to handwrite everything otherwise and if you saw my handwriting, you'd understand). So anyway, I've got a new story (Demons To Rest) to add... and no new poems.

0101.02: First update of the new year - whoo hoo! Anyway, hope everybody's had a safe holiday. Er, let's see... I didn't get to do too much since the last update... except for adding Mike's poetry to my site for him last night.

0012.31: Happy new year! Ok, added another section to my site - Communiques. Find it in the Miscellaneous section. I also added a message board, for those of you who care. There's also a new story (Dusk) up on the original prose section. It's been up under the WiP's (Works in Progress) section, but I finally finished it. Hope you vultures are happy.

0012.3: Oh my. I just finished transforming the poetry section into frames. Well, that wasn't fun. I'm not going to do that again. *sighs* The radio is saving my sanity at this moment, though who knows how well? After all, it just said that my county has declared a snow emergency -- meanwhile, I'm looking out the window at a very lovely, very blue sky, out of which neither snow nor rain nor sleet is coming out of. Yeah, there's maybe three inches of snow on the ground, from this morning. But other than that? Nothing. Pfft.

0012.29: I lied. That wasn't my last update. Oh well, you can't blame me. I was bored. Anyhoo, I changed the format of the fanfiction sections... there are now frames instead of tables... much prettier, I think. Oh, and I also added a Val Kilmer page for Elora. You can thank me later.

0012.28: Ok, probably my last update for a while (at least until laina of a can catch up with all these). Just wanted to say that I have added a new story (Coyote). Tell me what you think.

0012.25: Added another poem (What Others Did). Apparently I had uploaded this one to my site in early October and forgot to link it to the index page or something, because I just found it. Anyway, I finished reformatting (finally!), and now I'm not quite sure what else to do to the page. Any suggestions?

0012.25: Changed the divider on the main page- I like this new one much better. It goes with the rest of the site better than the old one. Anyway, last night I did some reformatting of the poetry pages - I've been trying to get the site to conform to itself, using the same colours and the same fonts. It looks more professional that way, I think. Anyway, expect a lot of updates, because I've got ten days of nothing to do. I already programmed my new electronic stuff, so I'm going to be bored. Happy holidays!

0012.23: I have updated since the 10th, I just kept forgetting to put it on this page. Sorry! Anyway, not much is new. I've started a page dedicated to all the people I truly care about in life. It's not finished yet (not nearly), but if I have time tomorrow, then I'll finish it then.

0012.1: I actually updated last night, but I forgot to update this page. So I've added two new poems (Sad Sort, Tear). Whoops. I've also joined three Webrings, which I'll hopefully be accepted into within the next few days.

0012.06: Updated Voyager fanfiction- I had several pieces of fanfiction that I apparently never got around to linking to the index. Oh well. They're up now. Enjoy!

0012.04: Ha-ha! Look at this; yet another update! I added another section to the site- Song Lyrics. You can find them right underneath Guitar Tabs, in the Miscellaneous section.

0012.03: Another update. Added a Guitar Tabs section. Please note, I didn't figure them out myself. I snatched them from other people's websites w/o permission. They're just placed on my website so I have a convenient place to find them... and so I don't have to use a floppy disk to print them out. You can find them under Miscellaneous.

0012.03: Three new poems (Forbidden Word, Hollow, Miss You).

0012.02: I'm beginning to think nobody ever checks this. *sigh* But I'll keep working on it 'cause it's a good point of reference for me. Anyhoo, I just got home from rehearsal and I'm about to jet off to go babysit. I had some extra time in between, so I added two new links. Keep my mind occupied, y'know? Otherwise it might think (*gasp*)!

0011.26: Hey all. I'm back. And I've added 2 new poems (Hallway, The Window's Ledge). I'm going to be trying to have an update every Sunday, even if it means just adding a few more quotes.

0011.23: No update this time. I just wanted everyone to know that I'll be out of town until Saturday night, so don't expect an update.

0011.21: Minor update, not even worth mentioning. Just changed the format on the links page and added some new ones.

0011.19: Added 3 new poems (Capable Hands, Embrace, Gloomy Tuesday). Expect a new short story very soon.

0011.12: Added 6 new poems (Delerium, Man of Wax, No Secret, The Question, Run).

0011.05: Added 2 new poems (The Cross, Samhain). Watch the X-Files season premiere tonight!!!

0010.19: Added 3 new poems (Cocoon, Guise, Imagination).

0010.16: Added 2 new poems (Suicide of a Sun, To Love).

0010.1: Added one new story (Deceiving Death). Changed some of the colour schemes.

0010.08: Added 7 new poems (Here's To, Pain, Point W & Point X, Sacrifice of Angels, The Spyder, Warrior). Kept two marked as new. For those of you who ask for an update every day, let me say this: Mwahahahahhaha. I may have the materials, but I do not have the patience to update every day. Sorry to disappoint you.

0010.03: Added 3 poems (Carousels of One, Conversations Without Words, Love).

0010.01: Added, er, lemme go count them. Added 8 new poems (Crow, Forgiven, Ghost, On the Inside, Open Door, Walls, Welcome to October). Let me just remind everyone that reads this that some poems remain on my hard drive for months before I remember to add them to my site, and some poems I might have just wrote. So they're not all recent and they're not all old.

0009.29: Added 5 poems (Amendments of the Sand, Another Deception, Bleed Without Words, Dying Dana, Should).

0009.25: Added more links. Lots of links. Lots and lots of links.

0009.24: Started a completely new section of my site: Favourite Quotes. Dunn dunn DUNN! Yep. Anyway, click on Misc. and look at the bottom.

0009.21: Added 3 poems (Veins, X, Zebra Crossing). Maybe more to follow.

0009.16: Added 6 poems (Because of You, Biting Bees, Black Rose, Immortality Put To Rest, Insecure, Legends).

0009.03: Added 2 (well, technically 3) new poems (Amor Fati: Crows, Amor Fati: Sacrifice, Glacier) and 3 new original pieces of fiction (Anti-Cheese Rebellion News, cry, Twin In The Mirror).

0009.01: ::yawns:: Added 6 new poems (1,000 Deaths, Albino Kangaroos, Apology, cry, Girl in The Darkness, snow). There'll probably be more later.

0008.21: Added 4 new poems and two haikus (Gone, Passage, Sometimes, That Was Years Ago, *Amor Fati*, *En Ami*). Also some new links.

0008.18: Added 4 new poems (bluebells, November Trees, restore the faith, would you?). Unmarked every other one but starlight 'cause i forgot to mark it as new last time. Whoops.

0008.17: Added 4 new poems (10 O'Clock News, Going On, last night, starlight).

0008.08: ::mimicks the dude in Independence Day:: Hello, boys, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And I've added 10 new poems. Kept 2 old ones as new.

0007.18: Added two poems and unmarked the others. Probably my last update for three weeks.

0007.02: Added one more poem. Other 9 are kept as new, though. And maybe I'll add some more Q quotes.

0007.01: Added 3 new poems and some more Q quotes.

0006.3 (several hours later): Added 6 more poems. Enjoy them, and if you find any broken links, please email me so I can fix them. Also check out the new Reader's Recommendation page. It should save you a lot of time if you don't want to read all my poetry.

0006.3: Added more Q Quotes.

0006.29: Finally finished upgrading all my poetry to HTML documents. They're now re-linked to the correct pages.

0006.25 (half an hour later): Finished the frelling graphics problem... so everythings in alignment. But I still have to change everything into HTML.

0006.25: On your request, I have created this updates page... so that has been what's updated. This page. Also, the poetry section will be down for a little while... at least until I figure out what's wrong with it.