Basically Gmajor, Dmajor, Aminor, Cmajor progression.  Be sure to sus4 
the Dmajor, +2 (open d on the 3rds string) the Cmajor, misc. 7ths, etc, to 
add harmony

First lick            second lick:       third lick:
e---------------      --------------     --------------
b---------------      --------------     --------------
g---------------      --------------     --------------
d--------0-3-0--      -------0-3----     -------0-3----
a----0-3--------      ---0-3-----0--     ---0-3-----3--
E---------------      --------------     --------------

"I gotta rush away", she said
"I've been to Boston before.
and anyways
this change i been feeling
doesn't make the rain fall"
No big difference these days
just the same old walkways
and someday
i'm going to stay
but not today

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