Liz Phair - whitechocolatespaceegg

White Chocolate Space Egg
Orange and blue, green and pink
I see you in everything

Don't need money, don't need wine
I've got better ways to spend my time

I'll see you around, every hollow has its favourite sound
And my heart is holding on... 

Purple, yellow, reddish brown
Once I felt you I couldn't lay you down

Don't be shy, baby, don't be careful with me
Let it go, let it soak me down

Every rock and tree and leaf abound with your face
Your face, your face... 


Don't tell me I've been wrong
Don't tell me all the magic's gone?

Every corner has its favourite clown
I'll see you
Big Tall Man
I'm a big tall man
I cut the grass
My left eye hurts
I am waiting and reading parts
I can be a complicated communicator

Zeus and Athens
Florida driveway
Asphalt and tires
Sand and the beach, rocker panel
Headlights in the dark... 
I am drag racing

Fog and the distance beyond it... 
Boats and the quiet morning noises... 
I'm walking the shoreline
A beer and a cigarette... 
A bug with twitching antennae
A button-up short sleeved shirt

Yes I'm careening down!
Winding the canyons now!
Yes I am broadcasting myself!
Perfect World
What a pretty life you have
Oh boy, it's a pretty life
And I would need a map
Just so I could navigate the backyard

Home is very ordinary
I know I was born to lead a double life

And when I find it, I know I'll make sense of me

I want to be cool, tall, vulnerable and luscious
I would have it all if I only had this much
No need for Lucifer to fall if he'd learn to keep his mouth shut
I would be involved with you

I know the girls 
That live inside your world
Just sitting next to a mortal makes their skin crawl
Johnny Feelgood
Johnny feel good, Johnny right on
Johnny miss you, Johnny light on 

Johnny makes me feel strangely good about myself

Moderation is a memory
Drive on in and let him send me

I could take this in doses large enough to kill

I never met a man who was so pretty inside
He's got diamonds on the bed of his thumbnails and I 
never realised I was so dirty and dry
Till he knocked me down, started dragging me around in the 
back of his convertible car... 

And I liked it
I liked it more and more
Crimson and Clover, soon he's taken over all my senses

He's got petals on the bed of his sweat sock drawer
and who the fuck am I (?) to critisize him cause I really need him now, in fact 
I'm kinda freaking out 
And I'm wondering where the hell you all are

I've never met a man I was so crazy about
It kinda has become an obsession to me

I hate him all the time
But I still get up
When he knocks me down
And he orders me around
Cause it loosens me up 
And I can't get enough
And I'd pay to spend the night with him 
Some more!
Polyester Bride
I was talking not two days ago
To a certain bartender I'm lucky to know
And I asked Henry, my bartending friend
If I should bother dating unfamous men

And Henry said, "You're lucky to even know me,
You're lucky to be alive.  You're lucky to be drinking here for free 'cause I'm a
Sucker for your lucky prety eyes."

And then he said, "Do you want to be a Polyester Bride?
Or do you want to hang your head and die?
Do you want to find alligator cowboy boots they just put on sale?
Do you want to flap your wings and fly away from here?"

I was sitting, not two days ago
Feeling lonely, 'cause I'm just feeling low
And I asked Henry, my bartending friend,
Why it is that there are those kind of men

"Princess, do you
really want to flap your wings and fly... 
Because you've got time."
He keeps telling me, "You've got time."
But I don't believe him
"You've got time."
I keep on pushing harder... 
I keep on pushing farther away
But he keeps telling me, "Baby, baby, do you want to be a polyester bride?"

"Do you want to flap your wings and fly?"
Love is Nothing
You thought I was something from afar
You thought I'd totally excite you

I guess it's just another thing to stand up close and ignite you

Love is nothing, nothing, nothing
Like they say... 
You gotta pick up the little pieces every day

You were telling me the friends we have in common... 
By the time I figured it out, you were yawning

Love is nothing, like they say

You gotta get up and work the people everyday

And I thought, "Who am I?"
"Who's this guy?"
"Would I lie
to make the day blur into the night...?"
Baby Got Going
Baby got goin' on a southern train, you know
Fired up pistons driving below
and the whole vibration, seat upholstery
Silky underwear oh conducter, let's roll!
Baby got goin' but I can't complain, you know
It knocks me out when she acts so strange, it's like a 
Big Mac truck out across three lanes in my soul, conductor
Let's throw some metal down, roll!

Squeeze her knees underneath a book, you know
A real good shakin' is all it took
Cause my baby's hooked on me, and as you can see
I'm wild about her!

She gets mad when it goes too slow, so I'm beggin' you man
Keep a-shovelin' that coal and let's roll!
Dinah, blow your horn!
Uncle Alvarez
There's a portrait of Uncle Alvarez