Sarah McLachlan - Solace

Drawn to the Rhythm
When we wore a heart of stone we wandered to the sea
Hoping to find some comfort there yearning to feel free
And we were mesmorized by the lull of the night and the smells
that filled the air
And we layed us down on sandy ground it was cold but
we didn't care

     And we were drawn to the rhythm ... 
     drawn to the rhythm of the sea
     And we were drawn to the rhythm ... 
     Drawn into the rhythm of the sea

We fell asleep and began to dream when something broke
the night
Memories stirred inside of us the struggle and the fight
And we could feel the heat of a thousand voices telling
us which way to go
And we cried out is there no escape fro mthe words 
that plague us so ... 

- Chorus -

In the still and the silent dawn another day is born
Washed up by the tireless waves the body bent and torn
When you wake in the face of the blinding sun
And you search only to find
That heaven is a stranger place than what you've left behind.

- Chorus -
Into the Fire
Mother teach me to walk again
Milk and honey so intoxicating

     And into the fire
     I'm reunited
     Into the fire
     From the spark
     Into the fire
     I yearn for comfort

Open the doors that head on into Eden
Don't want no sleep oh 
I follow the signs mankind back to the begining
No more compromise


Fire the water that carries me to the sea
You I see as my insecurity


I will stare into the sun until its light doesn't blind me
I will walk unto the fire until its heat doesn't burn me
And I will feed the fire.

The Path of Thorns
I knew you wanted to tell me
In your voice there was something wrong
but if you would turn your face away from me
You cannot tell me you're so strong... 
Just let me ask of you one small thing
as we have shared so many tears
with fervor our dreams we planned a whole life long
now are scattered on the wind... 

     In the tearms of endearment
     In the terms of the life that you love
     In the terms of the years that pass you by
     In the terms of the reasons why

Through the years I"ve grown to love you
though your committment to most would offend
but I stuck by you holding on with my foolish pride
waiting for you to give in... 
You never really tried or so it seems
I've had more than myself to blame
I've had enough of trying everything
And this time it is the end... 

     - Chorus - 

There's no more coming back this way
The path is overgrown and strewn with thorns
They've torn the lifeblood from your naked eyes
Cast aside to be forlorn ... 

     - Chorus - 
Funny, how it seems that all I've tried to do
Seemed to make no difference to you at all... 
I Will Not Forget You
I remember the nights I watched as you lay sleeping
Your body gripped by some far away dream
Well I was so scared and so in love then
And so lost in all of you that I had seen
But no one ever talked in the darkness
No voice ever added fuel to the fire
No light ever shone in the doorway
Deep in the hollow of earthly desire
But if in some dream there was brightness
If in some memory some sort of sight
And flesh be revived in the shadows
Blessed our bodies should lay so entwined
And I will oh I will not forget you
Nor will I ever let you go
I will oh I will not forget you
I remember when you left in the morning at daybreak
So silent you stole from my bed
to go back to the one who possesses your soul
And I back to the life that I dread.
So I ran like the wind to the water
Please don't leave me again I cried
And I drew bitter tears at the ocean
But all that came back was the tide... 
- Chorus -
By the shadows of the night I go
I move away from the crowded room
that sea of sallow faces masked in warm regret
They don't know how to feel, they don't know what is lost
Lost in the darkness of a land
Where all the hope that's offered is
Memories of being taken by the hand
And we are led into the sun
But I don't have a hold on what is real
Though we can only try
What is there to give or to believe
I want it all to go away I want to be alone
Sympathy's wasted on my hollow shell
I feel there's nothing left to fight for
No reason for a cause
And I can't hear your voice and I can't feel you near
- Chorus - 
I wanted a change knowing all I could do was try
I was looking for someone... 
Back Door Man
You open your eyes, look around
You feel the earth it wanders - 
Out, from under your feet - the ground
is not firm but soft and weak - like skin
under the touch, cannot stop to falter
Now, the damage is done the certainties gone
the spirits altered

     And now the angry morning
     gives the early signs of warning
     You must face alone te plans you make
     decisions they will try to break

Our hands are tied on the table
Maybe you can try at te backdoor man
while the helpless line up on the doorsteps
'Cause its all they can do to try to get through

All of your life you've lived in a world as pure
as eden's sixth day - now all you've been allowed
is taken away - they will not let you be so proud
And you have felt the fear growing inside
Protest follows far and wide - They'll see how long
it will take 'till you fall - from so muhc denied.

     Your soul - it aches relentless from the fear
     that they will never guess - so unfair they
     they can make you feel so small
     and the fear you know is real


As the walls are closing in
And the colours fade to black
And my eyes are falling fast and deep into me
And I follow the tracks that lead me down
And I never follow what's right
And they wonder sometimes when they see all the
sadness and pain the truth brings to light

     'Cause I can't see no reason
     What is blind cannot see
     'Cause I want what is pleasin'
     All I take should be free
     What I rob from the innocent ones
     What I steal from the womb

If I cried me a river of all my confessions
Would I drown in myshallow regret
As the walls are closing in 
And the colours fade to black
And the night is falling fast and deep into the sea
And in darkness all that I can see
The frightened and the weak
are forced to cling to mistakes they know nothing of
at mercy are the meek

Child walks down to the river's edge
And looks out as far as she can see
And draws each breath as if it were the last
And wipes away the tears across her sleeve
She can see where the river crawls to the sea
Like a baby into mother's care
Somehow the longing is so far away
The innocence so wasted and aware

     And look at the child with the dream in her eyes
     holding it deep inside her

Thinking about Home... Home... 
So much anger so deeply engrained
seemed a burden that was hers alone
She didn't think that there was anything wrong
with wanting a life that she could call her own
     How could I explain?  You would not want to hear
     You wouldn't listen if I talked anyway
     for you were too weighed down by your own fears
     look at the child with the dream in her eyes
     holding it deep inside her

Home... home... home... home... 
Mercy - pure and simple
Longing - cold and hollow
with sweet breath you'd come to warm me
but I held on too hard to only a memory
     You lie there on the swollen ground
     deserted in your heart
     Still longing for what yesterday's lost
     And for all that tomorrow might bring
     And for all that tomorrow might bring
The passion lost - taken stolen
the dreams we had and we shared - shattered broken
with sweet breath you'd come to soothe me
But I so blind and filled with fear
would send you away from me
     There's no hope in regretting now
     all the pain that we could not see
     We both knew what we wanted
     And we took it believing it free
     And we took it believing it free