Sun goes down around the world
Nothing unusual to gaze at
Yet I hear the distant chimes of a thousand bells swirled
And wonder what the hell was that

Purple and red and orange and blue
O How lovely it is
its only the letter Q
Nobody but he beats the Wizá

Old reruns of star trek
Flicker across my screen
Miles away people see the ship wreck
As a boy named Jack plants a bean

Oh and Cinderella lost her slipper
A long long time ago
And Jack the Ripper
killed prostitutes ho

Do not forget Son of Sam
he killed too
Just another elephant yam
On another false rue

And then there are fish
oh yes there are fish
But theyre only good for a dish

Rob and Laura Petri (pronounced Pee-tree)
Moved into the neighborhood
And met some guy named Dimitri
Dimitri in his livelihood

He was a quiet enough guy
But he got killed as well

My oh my
Were all going to hell

thats what my bible says
Flames pain and all that rubble
We might even meet Cortez
Oh boy now I think Im in trouble

I just burnt down the school
With a cigarette in my hand
I wasnt made to follow that rule
Now I must make my stand

Hell no we wont go
not even if you ask us nicely
quid pro quo
nice and concisely

Now im going to sing you a song
one that i think youd like to hear
and no its not very wrong
if you should happen to shed a tear

Once it was a poem
But a man drank too much
Out of a jeroboam
So now its a song as such

O no here comes the bunny
Quick hide me from it
I do owe it some blood money
So please no where lit

Uhoh theres banana
walking down the hall
Were all going to the copacabana
just to give it our all

And Catll kill me
when she realizes i changed my name
Again this time to dea
My one and only claim to fame

Lets go somewhere
to play Monopoly
you winning thats rare
you play very sloppily

No this is not parliamentary monarchy
everyone knows this
Even ask a pig like Porky
Though he might boo and hiss

Hurry up slow as molasses
I feel time slipping away faster
with every program of NASAs
that winds up as a disaster
Metric and meters
Brass and iron arent strong
But of course there are liters
Those are very wrong

smack that tennis ball
ooops sorry I hit you
lets go walk down the hall
to hear the cow say Moo

Hearts are a flitter
Around this time of year
But please do not litter
when your hearts as broken as your ear

Gold pencil and all that jazz
Gonna draw me a cahracter of my own
yeah right theres a lot of razz
I wonder why a dogs mouth will foam

hey there you diseased
do you really think of me like that
he weezed
Hey there fat cat

Calming waters flow past
Sun goes down
My time flies fast
in this _____ town

áNot mine