Zebra Crossing

Ever since the day
that man proved
white was really black disguised,
no one goes out at night.
For you see,
zebras used to be black and white
until white turned out to be black
and now zebras are black and black,
which makes it very difficult to see them,
especially at night.
Ducks, on the other hand,
are quite visible.
Think about it-
have you ever met an invisible duck?
I didn't think so.
They're as rare as invisible men-
which, contrary to popular belief,
are not as rare as you might think.
Speaking of popular belief,
have you heard of this ozone thing?
Supposedly, there's a whole matter
about a hole which will make it
so that the Irish aren't the only ones
to burn so easily in the sun.
Which brings me to that old joke:
Why did the man prove
white was really black disguised?
So he wouldn't sunburn!
Ah-ha. That's not really the punchline,
now is it?
The punchline is man got hit by zebras
crossing the road at night
(as it turns out, he was chasing
his long lost chicken, who also happened
to be his grandfather).
What's my point?
Have I got one?
Oh yeah.
Laugh at man's stupidity.
Women would know to wear sunblock.