He's gone
just like she was once
and though she searches
she knows she won't ever find him.
And as the hours pass
and the days grow longer
and the months start blurring together
and her perception of time distorts,
she begins to lose her connection to him.
It still hurts to think of him
but she's accepted he's gone.
She begins to change slowly;
with him she was wonderful, a blessed saint
but now she becomes something more.
Without him she's free,
an ear of corn without the husk,
and she burgeons into a new person,
whole and alive
and able to live a normal life.
She forgets after a while
because quite simply,
it's easier to forget about her past life
than to remember.
Once in a while she looks back
and doesn't regret the time
they shared-
hidden floors down.
But faced with a choice,
his return,
she wouldn't go back
to him, to the person she was.
Because for once in her life,
she's changed into something greater.
She's happy.
And she doesn't want to go back.