With Memory

I don't understand much about you
You're cold and dark and not much else
That much I do know
But it seems like there's so much more
Mysteries and intrigue waiting beyond the surface
You're the Grim Reaper without his sickle
Death, chilled to absolute zero.

There is snow falling all around me
It's so bloody q cold out here
Yet as I sit and wait for you
I wonder what it all meant

My life is behind me now
It's gone and my soul is in transistion
I wonder where it'll go.
Come and take me, oblivion
There's nothing left but heartache

Rainclouds on an otherwise sunny day
Hailstones big as basketballs in the tropics
Life has no meaning
Neither does death

With memory
We all go on
With memory
We all perish
With memory
We're all everything
Everything and nothing.

From now on
There's no more me
Just the wind, waters,
Air, fire, ether.
Say hello to the salamanders
and don't let them come take me away

I ride on a cloud through the air
and look down upon what was
I remember what is and now I know
What will be.

Molecules and atoms
Souls and spirits
The colours all swirl and blend
and now there's nothing but

The End.