Where You Belong

Tucked into bed at night
Just like each night
Each night just like the last
Snuggled safely under the covers
To dreamland I go and visit Queen Mab
You look down upon me from the heavens
And smile thatspecial smile just for me
You're glad that I'm finally where I ought to be
And sad that you can't be there to guide me.
I sigh from satisfaction and contentment
And hold my teddy bear closer.
You smile again, because now you know
That I haven't forgotten
Our time shared together.
Back in dreamland am I
And I dream of what dreamers do lie
Of cornsilk fields harvested, and the moon risen
Silver streaked with gold in a mighty compromise
Restless souls do find more peace at night
And the well-rested get more work done in day
But that still doesn't change the fact
That you're dead and can't come back
To me, to home, to where you belong.