Walking the Web

The voice whispered so soft and so low
the words were unintelligible
and at first he thought
someone was speaking to him
except there was no one else in the room.
The voice whispered again
and he realized
it was whispering in his mind
oh so softly
in beautiful, poignant language
he couldn't decipher
in words whose meaning was unknown
yet fastened into his mind.
They instilled in him a sense of something
as unusual as the words themselves
-a distressing flash of equally intense bitterness and sentimentality
of a past eventuallity come to the forefront
of his deepest, most private mind,
constructed of his fears,
brought to light and life by this voice
whispering into the depths of his mind.
He was terrified
and at the same time absolutely awed
by the captivating voice
that murmured to him
from somewhere unknown.
He would follow that voice anywhere,
and as it so happened
it led him away with its voice and resplendent words
from all he loved near and dear.
A black widow spider,
roping in its incognizant prey,
leading it to where it will wait
in anguished patience,
caught on the spider's snarled intricate web.

The longing and passionate murmurs
of the sonorous tones
whispered into his memory,
misguiding his thoughts,
telling him all he needed to hear
before he would walk into the web
of pain, of suffering, of torment
where agony would only give way
to the murmurs of the spider
and where the only relief would be
the distant feel of the silk gossamer strands
of the web the spider walks.