To Home

It was cold and windy and the sun began to set fifteen minutes ago
he began walking down the long road to home twenty minutes before
with his stuff on his back in a heavy sack he trudged on and on
just because he missed his ride by nanoseconds and he didn't possess a quarter
mentally he cursed all the gods he could think of as well as his devilish mother
and just for the hell of it he cursed the girl with the curls too
because he was cold and it was windy and the sun had set long ago
and he still had miles to go if he wanted to be warm again
at least he knew where he was
unfortunately, he didn't know where home was
but it didn't matter 'cause as long as he followed the highway
he was sure it would take him where he needed to go
and if not he could always hitch-hike or catch the R train
'cause that would surely take him home
wouldn't it?