Through the Rain

It's raining again
A light drizzle to reflect my mood
It's poured down all day, and now it almost stops
It'll stop when the night comes...
It'll stop when the sky falls...
In a huge house, four people sit.
Doing their own thing, and thinking about what could have been.
Is this the way forever feels?
Not joyous, not happy, but sad, depressed, bored?
The rain falls even harder now
A small light brightens the entire sky
And for a second there is this dim glimmer of hope,
but then it is gone.
The rain is left, and the highway over there...
A car speeds by until its tires give out
And the occupant wonders, "Why is it so?
If only..."
Yet is that not what we all think to ourselves
At one point or another.
If only and What if?

Two worlds different from this one.
Cold, wet, hungry, tired
No warnth, no dry place, no food, no pillow
Yet the rain shields us all from the worst
It passes over us, a gentle blanket, warming us
Feel that void, down deep inside?
That's depression, that's nothingness,
That's the truth.
Playing games, when we were young, yet
We still are playing them, even now
In the rain, the games seem dumb, what's the point?
But in the sunlight, they felt so right.
We were all happy then, being drama queens.
yet that isn't the world, isn't the true world.
The only way we can see the true world is through the rain.