Wizard shakes his head,
"It's here again, isn't it?"
	Executive nods.

	He lifts his hands,
	gnarled, to the mage's sky
	and lets ions flow.
	It begins and the seas

	drip over rocks.
	and White-caps grow furious,
	pounding harsh.

	White-caps calm now
	and mage's sky swirls
	half a life away.

	Centuries ago freezes,
"Vay..." melts.
	Wizard drips to the ground,
	shattered into split.

	Executive smiles.
"More than one way to skin an
aardvark, hmm?"
	Wizard does not look up.

	Executive frowns.  Coldly,
"See you next sweeps," and leaves.
	Wizard sighs, pulls himself 
	up and dives into White-caps.