Remember Everything

I know I must seem awfully young to you
But you've gotta try to understand
That in less than four years from now
I'll be gone from here, quite possibly forever

Don't you know by now
That once everything's settled here
And I get an offer there,
I'm packing up my bags & leaving this dunghole
And never looking back.
No tears shall I shed
No love shall I lose
Just moments I'll never have,
But never miss.

You provided for me so long
And now you have to let go
You wonder to yourself if that will be possible
But I tell you it will
Don't worry yourself yet
Not over matters that take time
Just worry over the now
And drift to that open sea...

Open your mind, and forget to wait
For that dreaded day coming
The day you'll lose me is the day
You'll lose your old world
Nothing cataclysmic will happen,
Not with me not around
But don't worry, and just remember

Those green, alive gardens where we shared
Our first kiss
And rememer
Those intricate bronze pillars
Supporting the climbing ivy
Remember our special place where
We were alone
Remember the good times there and
Never have anything to fear.
Not monsters or beasts,
Nor hatred or unfair
Remember darling, I'm always with you
Even when I'm not there

Open your mind
Forget to wait
Remember if you care to
And forget if you don't
I won't take offense; after all, I'm leaving
I won't be around to take offense so go on ahead.
Just please, remember this
Never let go
Never give up
Never not know
My love for you is strong
But my will is stronger
And that's why, I must leave you
With only this song
This sad, broken-hearted song
For I can't give you my soul.

Even when I'm gone away
I'm still there with you
Here in your heart, present in your memories
Just promise me, one thing,
That you'll try to hold on
To those memories

Green alive gardens where we shared
Our first kiss
Those intricate pillars
From which the climbing ivy grows
Our special place, where we were all alone
The good times we had
The laughs that we shared
The gardens, the pillars, the good times, the laughter,