Rainy Day Wishes

Watching the rain pour down upon the street
Looking out my darkened window
I wonder
I wonder about the past, about the future
What has become of my ancestors?
What will become of me?
I turn from the outside world
Which mirrors my mood
And glancing around my brightly lit room
I see artifacts from my youth
Where'd the little smiling girl go?
She's long gone by now, I suppose,
Replaced by a woman who no longer views the world's magic
Instead sees and thinks
In terms of "practical" and "efficiency"
I've lost some of my humanity, I think,
But now I know I can't get it all back.
Instead, I'll have to suffer through my life
Wondering what could have been...
I turn back to the window now,
To the outside world which does not know me
The clouds are gone now,
Replaced by brilliant shining stars
Each star has had its life.
A life made up of youth, and then age
I wonder if they look back
And wonder about their lives.
I wonder if they wonder about the others,
About me...
I look out my window once more.
And the brightest star catches my attention
I make a wish then...
I wish that everything will be all right.