The Question
There is a question
that has been bedeviling  me
for a couple of days now,
the answer quite out of my reach.
It wouldn't take much
to find the truth-
to attain the answer.
Just an utterance 
of a few simple syllables.
That's all it would take.
That's all I need do.
Yet somehow, 
even when I can find the words
to ask,
I can't force them off my tongue.
And so the moment passes
and the question goes unasked.
It's the type of question
my tongue doesn't like me asking
for fear that it would change the world.
It wouldn't change the world,
but it might change things between us.
If your answer shouldn't live up
to the dream within my mind,
it would certainly create an awkward tension
between us.
If your answer should surpass
the dream within my mind,
things would still change,
albeit forever.
My tongue doesn't like change,
and so won't ask the question.
I wish it would;
I'd love to know the answer.