the music hushed and faded away
and yet they danced on
hearing the music in their heads
playing the rhythyms and melodies there
sharing it with the other
they danced in black and white through the ages
on a grayscale colour of musical notation
based on an eight note wonder with five steps in between
and a ninth and tenth note thrown in for good measure
they needed no music for their dance was so classic it was new
they started back when black was white and white was black
and there was no god save the other to live for
they were two halfs of one heart, one soul
and later each became the other
so they would know the other so intimately
they became impersonal again
as they danced in gray shadows
they talked in circles
only they could understand
in languages yet to be invented
about things that never existed
and they conversed so well without words
it was as if they had known each other for years
yet they only met a few seconds ago
those few seconds had lasted an eternity
though they didn't mind
and so they danced on throughout the years
to the same new song
oblivious to anything but each other
even though the music had hushed and faded away