A Midnight Stroll

The snow began to fall
	it was cold that day
He just wanted to go for a walk
	but he had lost his way
For hours he wandered the woods
	lost and comepletely alone
except for the hybernating animals
	how he wished for a phone
It grew darker as the sun set
	and the temperature dropped
under a tall hawthorne tree
	he sat and stopped
oh, he shivered throughout the night
trembling and cursing his plight
for he was quickly losing his fight

The snow swirled around
	creating a white haze
he couldn't see ten feet in front of him
	it was like walking through a maze
he leaned against the tree
	not a wise thing to do
and thought of things that reminded him of home
	he had forgotten he had to use the loo
His eyelids whispered shut
	just for a little while
He thought he deserved it
	he had walked more than a mile
Frost gathered in his hair while he slept
and the snow covered branches wept
an all night vigil a single star above him kept

Spring came late that year
	almost never came at all
After the flowers died and leaves took hold
	the leaves died and there was fall
It was many years after
	that his body, thawed, was found
he could never be identified
	with the couple of bones on the ground
He went for a midnight stroll
	and never came back
He never should have left the familiar path
	should never have gotten off-track
The snow had taken him too soon
the wind had whistled a haunting tune
while the clouds covered the moon