May's Wednesday

Another Wednesday in May
I can't help but sit & think
And feel the futility of it all

Remembering another Wednesday
Another May, another year
Not six years ago yet.
When the world, so green, so vibrant,
So young,
Came crashing down past my ears
And my head rolled out of the clouds.

Now I sit here in the gray darkness
Listening to the rain and remininscing
About a time when those around me were happy.

Singing songs I used to sing
But those I sing with not there.
They're silent, and my one voice wobbles
Alone in a darkened room.

Archaic objects from the past
Sitting on my desk
Reminding me of the colors I no longer see
Old tunes drifting from the open window
Falling on an empty ear.
Senses to haunt me, taunt me
Make me remember,
Make me live again.

Yet on this Wednesday in May
I am sitting in the dark, alone,
Yet not alone, for the ghosts of those
Gone before me
Still haunt me.