Beginnings of another year
and she looks older than before.
Her face is worn with worry;
her eyes are filled with more.
It seems like such a shame
that her life has come to this.
He's gone and left her
with only a void to reminisce.
Memories of the past 
fill her with much sorrow.
She comes home at night
and thinks, "Well maybe tomorrow..."
Her search for him
through time and space
hasn't brought her much closer
to sharing his embrace;
New life grows deep inside her
and though it's reason for only joy
she can't help but feel
she'll never see her wonder boy.
It's him she wants.
It's him she misses.
She wants his hugs,
She wants his kisses.
Ending of another year
and she's no closer than before.
Her mind is filled with worry;
her child wants only more.