The Longest Night

The longest night in the history of man
didn’t occur as it should
for days the week was silent
	nobody thought it would
Nobody knew anything except to say “oh well”
But then that night something to the earth fell.

The longest night anyone knew had ever been
	fell silently as a lamb
the aliens came from the sky
	the world was now their clam
People were treated as animals- those that did not die
Others rejected slavery and off buildings they tried to fly

Oh, how wicked those aliens were
(those that never spoke)
humans were their lab rats, only to prod and poke.

Hatred fell to the earth in clouds of dust
as more and more of us died
	those of us who disobeyed were likely to be fried.

Oh, the aliens finally left us, why i do not know
Some still search the skies; all they see is snow