Life and Death on a Winding Road

Day by day
Life goes on
Same as it did the day before
Until one day we're thrown to the extraordinary
And nothing can be the same again
Now we're sitting here,
Not a clue as to what to do
Sure, we can continue like it was
But I'm not sure I want to do that anymore.
Let's throw caution to the wind
And go down that winding road
See the world, and live a little
For after all, if we're not enjoying ourselves
We might as well be dead.
And dead we shouldn't want to be,
For I know you,
And I know you want to live.
So let's throw caution to the hurricane winds
And go down that long, winding road
See the universe, and live a little more.
One day we'll both be gone,
But let's not dwell on that sad eventuality
Instead live life to the fullest
In peace and harmony forever.
And when the day comes that one of us is gone
Dwell not on the death of that person
But the life they lived instead.
Rejoice in the memories of the good times
On that winding road where we threw caution to the wind
And protocol was damned.
Remember me, as I shall remember you
And together we will be together once again.