We were all so happy then
Living lives fit for kings
No visible flaws
Or ominous threatening shadows in our way
What happened to us?
Has life gotten us down?
Is this what we really deserve?
Or what we really chose?
Life has become meaningless,
Empty and full of nothing but tears
Anger sometimes, as well
We wonder to ourselves
Is this all there is for us now?
No love, no life, no nothing to carry us on?
Is this what we really deserve?
Or what we really chose?
A knock at the back door
It's now open but there's no one home
They've gone and left
Seeing nothing but pain and misery in this house
We seem to frighten people away
With our realistic views and depressed feelings
Should we chose to go on, I think,
The rest of the world would hide in fright
And we wonder still
What's beyond this mortal life?
Is there more than pain waiting?
Or is there a pot of silver at the end of this grim rainbow?
Is that what we really deserved?
Or what we really chose?
There's nothing here now
No happiness, anger, sadness, nothing
No emotion to guide me through life
And without emotions there is no pain
Carefree once again
I can no longer enjoy it
After all, how can I not help think about those left behind?
Don't you wonder sometimes about them?
We were all so carefree then
Leading those empty lives fit for kings
No visible cracks in the porcelain yet
No shadows of monsters threatening to swallow us whole
Do you know what happened to us?
We grew up.
We deserved life,
Chose it, as well.