Leaving Voids

The stars above watch
As I try to call back the depression I thrive in
The emptiness of my insides
The void where nothing comes or goes
Never know which way is up or down
Doesn't matter now, I suppose
After all, I'll soon be leaving this place
Thank deities for that
Counting down the hours when we can leave together
Leave this place forever
And hopefully never return
Rain falls gently outside
Marking the time when things will finally be different
I try calling it one last time
Knowing full well that if I can't I'll never return
And never say goodbye
Tears are fine
Brought by emotions and reactions
But me I prefer not to cry
Instead express my sorrow through the pain
Calling forth the void and turning my emotions in
But if I cannot call it forth this time
Well, then I am doomed
And my world will end
Which would not be so bad
So say not goodbye
And instead say see you later
And bravely venture into that unknown place
Of which the darknes has no light
And yet swallows it whole.