The Last Dying Ember

Hey do you remember
The words you first said to me
Spoken so very long ago
Said softly by the sea?
I remember; do you?
So long ago I'm not sure they were ever real
Though even if I imagined them, my heart you would steal

Hey do you remember
That day I held you tight
You revealed to me your inner thoughts
I said everything'd be all right.
That was the day I knew it'd be forever
That was the day I was sure
That was the day we really said "Bonjour."

Now the memories are all that's left
And even they've faded and crumbled away
Gone, when we'd once thought them engraved in clay

The memories were all we had
We don't even have each other any more
The only night I'll keep forever is the one on the balmy shore

I remember that night we spread your ashes through the watery seas
My love and my grief coupled together brought me to my knees.

It's been so long, love, I really can't remember
My memories have faded like the last dying ember.