Many phrases tossed around
casually for 
dramatic effect.
- "Infinite justice."
Protests from religious groups
over that one,
claiming only God 
dishes out ultimate revenge.
- "Enduring freedom."
But caged by a civilization 
where non-corporeal spectres
run our lives and we use 
unnecessary thin pieces of bark
to survive.
- "America will not fall."
Romans claimed the same
of their infallible country.
- "... good."
You agree with me and act
in a manner I agree with.
- "... evil."
You disagree with me and act
things out that enrage me.
I don't understand you.
- "Kill the bastards who did this."
Suicide missions leave no 
bastards for you to kill,
you society-created hypocrite.

I was born in the same region 
that you were born in;
the one you call the United States.
To me, you are absurd, histrionic.
Yes, a tragedy has occured,
but it has been born out
of a far greater misfortune:
the loss of what we were once
and what we were supposed to remain.
Had that pitiable evolution never come about,
this one never would have had the chance
to occur.
My sympathies lie with no one but the victims on this.