they call me
to tell of all the day's problems.
i try to listen
but i have too many problems of my own.
i'm not sure why i even bother
to try to isolate myself from the rest of humanity
it doesn't work very well
but they still don't see that i'm different.
that i don't want to be there with them
that i don't fit in.
to me
my problems are my own
they take precedence over everyone elses
except in extreme cases 
and those extreme cases are the only ones i trust
with my problems
yet i can't tell them 
they have problems of their own.
i don't want to burden them.
my hopes my fears my worries
i just wish...
where's the chuckles to my cap'n?
the tall dark and handsome to my short red and intelligent?
the q to my q?