The Fields

There were fields in the back of my house
i remember clear as day
i once thought gods had lived there
that Tuesday back in May
Iím not sure iíll ever understand
But Iíll never forget that lovely gold land.

The fields were home to many and more
all sorts of wonderful things
some had fur and feather and fins
others walked or used their wings
The fields were a safe haven to me
Iíd sit in the middle, under the giant oak tree.

Then came the day i knew would come
then came the day i had been dreading
I was all grown up and it was time for a wedding.

I bade goodbye to all creatures, who understood
I didnít want to leave
I glanced one last and left to grieve.

ĎTwas the saddest day in my life
That day I left my home to play the wife.