Eyes Poetry

Purple Eyes

Hey there purple eyes
Ancient stars so wise
out of your blank glare
that even stare
the one that defies

Violet windows to the soul
your ways have taken their toll
wonder now why you're so alone
maybe it's 'cause you don't have a clone
let go; let the dice roll

Two of one same purple core
never anything for nor more
Can't you feel it?
Good for only just a bit.
Into your being its fangs tore

Violet coloured perception
nothing but a misconception
the ideas just float around
never anything profound
everything only a deception

Hey there purple eyes
you're nothing but a bag of lies
nothing worth anything
you'll never be a king
Out a window your dream flies.
Green Eyes

Boo hoo green eyes
eat no more pies
you've got an image to maintain
even if it means much more pain
even if you tell more lies

Green grass on a sunny day
emerald cities where the pain lay
don't give in to that old urge
the desire to binge and purge
Obsession has gotten its pay

No more, green eyes - no
just curl up and read more Poe
don't think about what you want to do
otherwise madness will take its cue
else this disorder will always be in tow.

Close those green orbs of yours
and ignore those myths and lores
they don't know anything about you
the rumours they've heard are few
but your guilt comes to you in fours

Green eyes, think no more
Your soul it's ripped and tore
Your companions only the guilt
and the sorrow of the bowl once fill'd
your self-image will forever be sore
Olive Eyes

Hello you olive eyes
everyone's cut their ties
you've got no friends left
stolen in the night- what a theft
they're plotting your demise

Swirling portals to the inside
Your time you must sit and bide
wait for the day they come with the knife
sit still and play your pfife
until they stick it in your side

Paranoid irises of your being
always believing what you're seeing
Elvis on your left and UFOs on the right
you just hope the aliens don't bite
your motto: seeing is believing

Yellow-green glowing circles
You think the alien peoples include Urkels,
Rodman, Mulder and Scully
but others just call you a cully
not much longer before they get their sickles

hello you olive eyes
always searching for more allies
against the government you'll always be
they'll just sting ya with a bumble bee
now you might as well say your goodbyes.
Silver Eyes

Hey hey silver eyes
Moonbeams shooting across the skies
A true romantic soul 
Your dreams go down a black hole
but a new idea you'll devise

New love mirrored in organic glass
you swear he'll be your last
but that's what you said last week
the future doesn't seem so bleak
now gone is the past.

Silver circles near a black abyss
shows your longing for a deep kiss
but he doesn't give you the time of day
now you'll have to find another way
and then everything will be pure bliss

Eddies of swirling mercury
your world has crashed down in a hurry
he's rejected you and you're not sure
perhaps your crush was premature
so now you don't worry.

Uh oh silver eyes
Now you've got to improvise
you're stuck without a love
and now you pray to the above
waiting for a word to the unwise.
Yellow Eyes

Go away yellow eyes
no one wants to eat those pies
you put in too much icky root
so you'd better clear us an escape route
Or else we'll forcefeed you your own fries

Irises of pale yellow
you've never been very mellow
you worry much too much
and everyone knows you're not dutch
so take a hint and destroy your jello!

Oh oh yellow sight
nobody really wants a fight
but you force us when you cook
we just want to drown in a brooke
if only there weren't an apple blight

Yellow eyes of the sun
you never were the favourite son
hated even by the family dog
forced to sleep on a log
you've still got a long way to run

Go away yellow eyes
you'll never win the nobel prize
give up your culinary art
never make another tart
and dont' bother to ask about the whys.
Golden Eyes

Oh dear golden eyes
the world's full of spies
just like you and yours
fighting silent wars
and separating truth from lies

Emotional golden pools
you never play by the rules
lviing as if today you'll die
that's the life of a spy
you know how to use your tools

Stoic stone walls of gold
you long for the days of old
dreaming of the day 
when you get your way
secrets you've never told

Golden orbs of Isis
forever in an identity crisis
you think you know who you are
you could be anyone- even a Czar
but really you're just the antithesis

Oh dear golden eyes
you're nearing the prize
only a few more missions
until your newest transitions
but tomorrow never dies.