Excorcising Demons

I glance around at my surroundings
And find myself in a familiar place
I've been here before, long ago
Once upon a time, I suppose you could say
The past is now
Is the birds chirping in the trees of this forest
This dark forest where I grew up
Suddenly the birds grew quiet, and silence is there
Now I remember why I left so many years ago
And forget why I came back
I've run away from the demons of this place
Only to hide from the monsters the rest of my life
Now I'm back to face the demons
Ready with tools to excorcise them from this place
I will not run this time
I cannot run this time
These demons shall be banished
Or else the day shall end with my death
But I won't let it happen that way.
Fate won't let it happen that way
I hold my head higher, then walk into the fire.