The Empty Heart

Soft noises in the darkness
where the sun and moon both shine
create the only noise in the still silence
the silence of an empty heart
Alone in an abandoned room
by the window where the birds keep their watch and wait
the soft sobbing of that empty heart
silently breaks through
echoing around cement walls where the only reality
is the reality of cold gray stone and barred windows
where nothing but dark and light pass
even light hesitates to enter for fear that the darkness
of those cement walls will swallow it up
Gone are the days of bright colour
now is the time for black and white thoughts
dismal shades of gray
to depress, disparage
consumed with the ever present grief
the empty heart listens to the sound of its own sobs
and wonders why the walls are crying
it yells at the walls "Stop!
You're breaking the still silence-
the silence of an empty heart!"
and sobs with every word
The walls don't listen
-their ears are filled with wax-
and the sobbing continues
breaking the silence of an empty heart
the still silence of an empty room
where the lone window from which the birds keep watch and wait
lets the sun and moon shine through the darkness.