Dark Prophecy

It begins with the first floods
Waters none too gentle
But are not the most terrible of disasters yet to come
Water swirls around the ankles of those unfortunates
But this is not the worst yet.

Three will look out to a sunset and instead glance
Upon a more terrible scene
Seeing what they have left us
And notice something much more than the floods
Flames in the distance lick up the wet trees
Slowly consuming forests, towns, cities.
Nothing will stop it; it will burn forever.
But still, it is not the worst to happen.

One more sign will come before chaos reigns forever
One more sign that all will soon be lost
This last sign shall be recognizable only as the first two
And after this sign rears its head
Shall all be lost
Humanity plunged into total discord
Murder, plunder, torture,
These only a few of the crimes which will be present.
Many others will be as well.

But fear not, for a time shall come after
When a savior (isn't it always so?) shall come
Bringing light back to the world,
Giving people hope.
She will have the memories of the old days,
Though she will not have known them
She will lead mankind to victory
Away from all it has known before
But closer to knowing everything.

She shall only be recognized, however,
By those who came before her,
And those who know the old days.
Should there be any of those people left in the world
Humanity shall perish;
Culture lost.