The Cross

She did not believe in most things 
but accepted the faith 
her parents gave to her;
He believed not in God
but in almost any other thing;
They were two conflicting opposites and yet
somehow they balanced each other out.
Each was the other's touchstone,
a guiding light back to sanity
when the fog became too thick
to see through.
When she was lost,
she left behind only one symbol of herself
for him to keep- the symbol of her faith, 
a little gold cross 
which she had borne around her neck
surreptitiously, unnoticed by him.
He wore it around his own neck
in order to keep the connection to her,
in order to be closer.
After she found her way back,
he returned the cross
with the strength of their beliefs.

It was the little gold cross
which was the symbol of their love;
It was the little gold cross
that defined who they were.
It wasn't a symbol of faith in religion anymore
but a symbol of faith in love.
Always would the cross be there
to remind of what might have been lost
and to remind of what had been gained.