The Crazy Cadet
By James Frost and Dana Quell

the crazy cadet was once inflicted with xerasia
as he was counting the beetles in Asia
he went home but it was burnt down to the ground
so he went to a motel on a grave mound
the clerk at the desk said "Nainsook!
There are no vacancies 'cause they all hold a nuke"
he pointed him to a quantum of theories
mainly a bunch of drunks at O'leary's
He drank a lot just to fit in
But his tab was high at the end of the evenin'
His lack of cash took him quite unawares
and as O'leary advanced he said his prayers
the cadet thought about the consequent choices
But o'leary, quite the rationalist, pointed him to joyce's
His zeitgeist thought "get out of here at once"
But his brain didn't listen so he didn't leave for months
Either he drank too much or was just plain stupid
he fell in love with O'Leary, struck by the arrow of cupid.

*All bolded words are words we randomly picked out of the dictionary and put together in to form this poem.*