Conversation Without Words
I had the conversation 
without you there,
a conversation 
without words.
And now I realise
that was the wrong thing to say,
to do.
I danced the dance
without music there,
a dance
without sleep.
And now I realise
it was the dance of a lifetime,
we've missed.
I'm trapped 
between this past of mine
that I cannot change
and this future of uncertainties
that I cannot control,
Lost within this present being
filled with conversations without words
and dances without sleep.
Tears stream past
for the vulnerable
for the faithless
who cannot find the words
to say the truth
but who cannot bear to tell the lies.
The conversation should have never been;
The dance should have been finished;
The words should have been said.
Everyone needs a little faith now and then,
either in God, family,
little green men.
Everyone needs a little protection
once in a while.
And everyone needs to say the words,
hear the music.