The world will fall into anarchy and general disorder
When I step up to rule
No, please don't freak out
'Cause it will really be quite cool
True, I'll be in control of everything
But you'll be in control of your own life
And ne'er more will there be any strife

The world will be rid of government and borders
And everyone will be free
Sure, I'll rule over you all
But at least then you could live in a tree
Of course there will be naysayers
But quickly will they be dealt with
And will never be of any great pith

Ah, the years will come and go
And the times won't be very stressful
Yes, the reign of Rain will be very successful.

The world as you will come to know it
Will be a great place once more
Because never again will the world know war

Oh, the world will be a lovely place
But only with the help of Brighid's grace