An Elfish Dance

Dana did a little elfish dance
she was happy
'cause she's still found what she'd been looking for.
and then she read a funny little story
about a man who had a party
and his true love came
and they leapt underneath the bed
where they confronted Total Darkness
who led them to the man's missing sister
and everybody either lived to 130 and had lots of children
or did nothing interesting at all
and it was so bad that it was funny
or was it so funny it was bad?
Dana never could tell
but it made her hysterical
and she felt like singing and dancing
but she couldn't sing 'cause she just ate
and you know you must wait two hours after eating
before you can sing.
So Dana smiled and Dana danced
and she laughed as well
both at the funny little bad story
and at the fact that she had found what she'd been looking for.
dance it again now!