Amor Fati

i counted crows
and counted 7 more
7 for a secret never to be told
'cause I can't open my wings to fly
Get up
get up out of that bed and look out of the window
it's the end of the world
and the fire is falling
while the ageless whisper their secrets
and lie to you about death
Get up
get up out of that bed and see what they've left you
get up and count the crows with me.


they've given you everything you ever wanted
they've taken it away
they've told the truth and they've lied
but they're always there
and it scares you
'cause it's not really what you want
what they've given you
there's something missing but you don't quite know
what's not there
and though you have everything you could have ever wanted
you don't have the one thing you need

they can't be trusted
and yet you find his life in their wrinkled hands
the ageless finally aging
they take him away
to fulfill his deepest desires
while sacrificing him to save the rest of humanity,
their motives purely selfish.
they give him what he wants
to get what they want
a few more added years
filled with lung cancer and sickness.
prolonged suffering.