Albino Kangaroos

Albino kangaroos shouldn't suck helium balloons.
Keep your head; lose your leopard.
Pink elephants can be located at the waterfall nearest you.
Better coroner's than you have pronounced me dead before.
Moose and Squirrel. 'Nuff said.
Cannonballs do not walk down hallways.
To everything there is an upside and there is a downside.
Green man, go man.
Oatbags are not just for horses.
You shoot me in the foot and I'll tickle you with worms.
Lots of files. Lots and lots of files.
There are hits and there are misses. And then there are misses.
25 lbs cats are healthy.
The bullet was always there... and never there at the same time.
Forever is an abstractly wrong concept.
Grill power! Charcoal! Butane! Propane!
Rock on and wear sunscreen.
Force.... practice!
;;evil grin;;
Can't sleep... zombies will eat Kitty.
At the end of the road...
... you flip over and start again ...
Long live Caesar!
Crocodile stew.
Purple eyes... green eyes... yellow eyes... olive eyes... silver eyes... golden eyes...
... it seems the eyes have it!
Leola root does not make good tart cakes.
You know you've had way to much 3 layer chocolate fudge upside down cake when...
... the walls start melting ...
... you talk to gnomes and they talk back ...
... you dance on tables and fall off ...
... previously bald holograms sprout afros ...
... corners are looking good ...
Tomorrow's tomorrow doesn't hold any special meaning.
Tomorrow's yesterday is today.
Don't make your partner do paperwork you should do.
Make war, not love.
When in battle keep your head.
Snipers cannot get you if you stay clear of windows and wide open spaces.
However, short fat bald albino men can.
Plagiarism is not the highest form of flattery.
Stalkers are.
Vincit Omnia Veritas.
When the snow falls...
Roses kill.
Dolls eat tigers.
Breed spiders and you never have to worry about insects.
Don't go in the mirror.
You cut his !@#$%^& finger off!
Ben & Jerry's, Baskin Robbins, um......
......... CRACKERS DON'T MATTER!!!!!!
(especially when the cheese has slipped off).
Don't eat the cheese.
This is what happens when albino kangaroos suck helium balloons.