Dear Journal,

	Looked through all my old journals today
		The ones that I could find
	Discovered inside myself something I thought Id lost
	I need to talk to someone but no ones there
		I never expected them to be
	Ill just write a letter to myself and hope that I can read it later
	Or maybe Dragon can; she always has before.
	No, I wont write.
		Oh the joys of the TOOTHPICK.

	Gone now is my satisfaction that I was right three years ago
		At least I can admit it now.
	I read some of my old entries and I wonder what I was sniffing
		Cappacino coloured chapstick
	Long long ago I would panic at the thought of death
		I stopped it
		And thought it had gone away
	Of course it came back to me this year
		I can only imagine what that means
			I hope its not what I imagine
	Please, Q, make it go away.

	Now I know why it began
		I know how it will end
		I know it will end now.
	I am issuing a formal apology
		To all those I have hurt through the years
		For every memory I have made sore
		For all the lost time
			For the last time
		I am sorry.

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