Dear Journal, 

	How things do change in a year
		My handwriting is neater
		My favourite tv show is different
		My style of writing is more adolescent
	I even have different names…
		FlameSky among them
	next summer I will be Lis
		who will I be next fall?
	Another spring break come and gone
		I wanted more time for myself
		Oh well.  There’ll be other times.
	What a nice pen.
	Should I get an email address?
		I suppose it would come in handy
		How else would Ericka & Damian contact me.
	What should it be??
	Owie!  Papercut.
		yummy blood.
	My ‘rents are dragging me to the mall.
		All I have is a cold
		Absolutely $0
	Writing in the car
		My handwriting looks worse than it did last night
	Pen ran out.
	I am just “Selfless, Cold, and Composed”

	Another play rehearsal
		what a gun moll I am hehehe
	but rehearsals are so boring
	I’ll just play cards.
	Clams and Jenny have gone from the cast party
		Here I am Dixie
		I watch the others
			Listen to their conversations
			(you could learn so much about a person by just listening)
		someone’s moving away
		an old friend of mine
			I would have cared last year
				But I don’t care.
		Though now I am thinking about my choices
			It was a good choice I made last year
		I’m happy with it, even if others aren’t.
		I’ve broken the oppresive chains imposed by society
			Though I didn’t have to.
			Society forgot to lock those chains.
			The present becomes the past
			And what we do in the past affects the future
		I followed my heart and it took me to where I needed to be.