Dear Journal,
	Why does everything bad happen
		on Wednesdays?
	Grandma, cuts, and the rest
	Even the chorus trip
		which if you ask me started this war
	What will tomorrow’s Wednesday bring?
	Well, Faith and Courage are gone now
		And I never had Purpose
		So what’s the point in looking
	For what was never there
	And for what is gone forever?
	They left because I don’t understand
	11 years of friendship: gone
	4 years of friendship: gone
	6 years of friendship: gone
		wasted away to nothing

	Another dance that only I will dance. 
	Another road that only I will walk.
	The others make me curse too much
		Margo knew how I felt
			Isn’t she dead?
		Oh yeah.  I forgot.
		Otherwise she’d deal with them.

	my actions define me
	Courage was angered by my actions
		how cowardly they were
		yet they are me
	Faith left, frustrated with my lack of Courage
		my thoughts always focused on one thing;
		Death and what is not after it
	Thus begins my writings…
		other early writings
		“Runes of Death”
			what was that one about?
	All gone, never completed

	On the road to reparation
		Ever the optimist-pessimist-MPD sufferer
	Maybe things will finally come to 

	Remember me.  Please.

	Hunch confirmed.
		I no longer have a boyfriend
	There’ll be others.
		I was bored with him anyway
	How theological.

The Journals<-->1998