11:59 (aka Cerulean Blue)

Oh, puppyboy
Lookie over here at me
I'm using cerulean blue!
And it just turned 12 midnight
And at this late hour I should not
watch X-Files
'cause I just get silly
like this colour
My mind finds connections
~cerulean blue is like a calm sea breeze~
Maybe I should stop spraying vanilla
'cause the tv says it's Tuesday.
What happened to Monday?
Wo, Jean-Luciy, don't go!
A ship needs her captain
- Run, go get Kathryn!
Red's more her colour than his anyway.
But I thin CERULEAN BLUE would be better.
Oh, poor Emily- she's gonna die next week,
I know 'cause
she died before last year's next week.
Poor Dana.
one of her tuathe- her only tuathe left-
is dead, dying, will die....
is forever
Forever on a cerulean sea breeze blue.