1,000 Deaths

I have died a thousand deaths
and still not lived a single life
until you came along 
and showed me how to believe.
And now that I have earned
this capacity for faith
-now that we've grown together
physically, emotionally, spiritually-
now you ask me The Question.
"If you could go back and do it all again,
how much would you change?"
Thinking for a moment 
I remember the times before and all the times after
and get lost in the different worlds.
You mistake my pause for hesitation
and ask The Question again.
"Answer me truthfully, dear queen.
If you could go back and do it all again-"
"I wouldn't change a day.
I had died a thousand deaths 
yet not lived a single time 
before you entered my life,
enriching it with your presence.
For that I thank you."
Our spirits smile and I repeat once again,
"I wouldn't change a day."