Anti-Cheese Rebellion News, TheVol. I, Issue I; July 3, 2042
Beginning of the EndWhat happens when a group of radicals try to
take over the world?
CailleachJust how much do children really understand?
(Winner of the October 1999 Writer of the Month
Contest, Underclassmen category, distributed
Cold QuietA little piece of fluff, based on a silly little dream
of mine.
Coyote"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -FDR
cry"it feels like the world i thought i knew has fallen
apart, like a cheap hollywood set from the 1930's
that has run past its usefulness. The cardboard, the
paint, and the characters are all dead and rotting in
my hollywood world and i have to accept it. except
i can't..."
Deceiving DeathWritten for my Creative Writing class; a practice on
HappinessAre you happy?
Last PresentsWhat is Santa Claus really like? (Children and
people who believe in Santa Claus should not read
Little Prince, TheWhere do princes look for guidance?
Once Upon A Time"He who comes with a story to you brings two away
from you."
Pity PartyAnother one written for (yep, you've guessed it)
Creative Writing! Duh duh duh. My muses refuse to
take the blame for this one though.
Sweetest Song, TheHow does a dying woman find peace?
They Came From The SkyMix in all my fears, and this is what you wind up
Twin in the Mirror, TheHow do you catch a unicorn?
Twin MoonsBirth is such a joyous occasion...
UntitledLittle ditty about survival of the fittest.
Violet AbyssInspiration can come from the most unlikely places.
Wedding Balloon, TheA wedding, a giant air balloon, and firecrackers-
together do they cause bliss or trouble?


"Author"When Calib Ashur saves a young woman from mysterious men in grey and glances into her eyes, he knows his old way of life is forever dead. Instead, he's now plunged into a world of lies and deceit, a world on the edge of disaster that fate has cruelly thrown him, and his best friend, into. Warning: This is not near completion, and I haven't worked on it in about a year, so it probably will never be finished. Read at your own risk, but don't cry to me if you want more and I won't write anymore.
CrowDoes the death of a crow forewarn trouble for a friendship?
Devil & Nuf Aveh, TheHow to have fun when you're bored...
Dusk"And she realised, staring out of this lone window at the pale streaks of pink that the sun had left behind in the darkening sky, that there was no one for her to share this with."
Leaves"It was the time of the year when the leaves start turning and life begins to slow down and settle back into a routine. It was a time of transitions, to be sure, although some transitions were not as prominently displayed as those taking place in nature."
Party, TheA common occurence at a party.
Rebuilding the Dream"Somewhere deep within her mind she knew things, like where she was and who she had been before she had gotten here. And that she didn't belong here if she could only know things like that."
Silent CityWhere have all the people gone?
Second Chances
Second BeginningsThe universe as we know it has been destroyed, life destroyed with it. But one still survives. Is there hope yet?
A Matter of TimeThe creation of a second world.
Day of DestructionWho is one girl, but an example?