"A" Is For Albino Kangaroos
By Dana Quell

Al sat in Mixed Chorus, staring at the whiteboard that served as the chorus's announcement board. There was a substitute instead of the usual choral director, and the 100+ kids that usually inhabited the room at this period had already run into the lunchroom across the hall. Al herself was waiting for Melissa or Caruh to show up so they could wreak havoc upon the remaining chorus geeks -- all freshmen.

She didn't figure Melissa would show up, as she spent half the period in the lunchroom when the normal choir director was here, anyway. That left Caruh, who was already late -- something very unusual. So Al sat and stared.

And stared. And stared.

When Danielle, SuperFreshman!Extraordinaire, placed herself between Al and the whiteboard, Al simply got up and bit her. When Christie ran out of the room crying, Al merely said, "Oh, it's that time again." When the gnome that lived in the closet next to the director's office came out and danced a little for the remaining class, thus superbly showing up the Connover!Shuffle, Al took the time to dance a little with him and then got back to staring.

All this happened, and still no Caruh. Al was beginning to worry.