Nyssa & Nappie

Nyssa and Nappie are two of my muses. Currently, they are on vacation, but they are the ones responsible for my fanfic, and my poetry.

Nyssa was my first muse, and she is the one responsible for all fluffiness and fun. Needless to say, she stays clear of my poetry. She's responsible for all relationships that might bloom, and her latest work is The Day Tuvok Laughed. She is also responsible for The Furby Story, Impractical Jokes, Sunsets, Night Before Prixin(poem), and How the Ghosts/Apparitions Stole (A) Valentine's Day Carol.

Nappie, or Napoleon for tall, is responsible for all my dark, depressing fics. His latest (okay, well not too late since I started this a while ago and finished it last October, but never got around to typing it as of late) is Cure for the Common Cold. His other works are Crystal Vial, Eoh, Rest Of Eternity, both Conversations stories, Stars, and Under the Old Oak Tree.

There is also Stein, who is responsible for all my original works.