In my life, which has spanned a decade and a half, I have been many things. I have been an actress, a liar, a friend, an enemy, a singer, a jokester, a graphologist, a counselor, a fisher, a gunmoll, a shipper, a jetcer, a poet, and, most of all, a writer. Not bad for a 15 year old who lives in a world where people are allowed to see this and do that based on their age.

A brief biography on me: I was born, I went to school, I had friends, and I still live, go to school, and have friends. Brief enough for ya? Thought so.

Who wants a boring, tedious, droning-on-forever-hell-so-why-am-I-even-reading-this-oh-yeah-she's-one-of-my-favorite-writers speeches about every single detail about my life? Maybe the FBI or some sort of stalker, but not the normal person. No, instead the normal person wants to know where I've gotten my inspiration, how I aspired to be such a great writer (If only.... *sighs*). How they can learn to write such as I do.

Well, I get my inspiration from my muses, who in turn get their inspiration from all around me. Life is an inspiration, and good muses and authors take notice of it.

Ah, the next question- how I set my goals to become a writer. Well, for all my life I had wanted to become an actress, but when I realized how hard it would be to get a break, I gave up that dream and moved onto the next one. Author it was. I practiced, but none of my ideas were original, and I couldn't write for $hit. So, I moved onto the next one. I went through the entire list, which had been alphabetically ordered for easy organization, and came upon the last one. Writer. Seeing as how it was the only one not crossed off, I am still doing that today.

You can learn to write as well as I do. If you're still in school, PAY ATTENTION IN ENGLISH CLASS!!!!!! No matter how many times you've gone over grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, you'll find you can always make mistakes. Hell, even I do it, though usually it's just my fingers not listening to my brain when I type. So go over those old lessons once, twice more. They'll help.

If you're not still in school, it doesn't matter. READ! It will give you a sense of many different styles, and it will help with grammar, spelling, and vocab. It doesn't really matter what you read, as long as you learn from it, and enjoy it. I've been known to read 1925 dictionaries (the 'X' section, of course). :)

Well, the mark of a good author is to take up one subject, and end with another. I've just proved to myself that I am, indeed a good author. I began with my biography, and ended up telling all of you who are still reading this tips on how to become a good writer. Bet you didn't even notice, huh? I sure as hell didn't.

If you want to send me some feedback, to let me know how much my autobiography sucked, click here. If you really really really want to see a picture of me, click there.