Das Letzte Einhorn

General Information

Das Letzte Einhorn is German for The Last Unicorn, a book by Peter S. Beagle which later was made into a popular animated movie (owing, in most part, for it's popularity is the fact that Beagle also wrote the screenplay for it).

From the back of the Special Anniversary Edition novel:
"Thirty years ago, Peter S. Beagle entered the delicate heart and mind of a unicorn who learns one day that 'I am the only unicorn there is.' Readers young and old were utterly enchanted by The Last Unicorn, and, with each generation, Beagle's beloved novel grew in popularity and stature to become one of the world's all-time fantasy classics. Here, then, is the enduring tale of the last unicorn's quest for life and love...of the bumbling magician and indomitable woman who shared her dream...and of the special magic that burns deep within every heart."

Voice Talents:
(In Order of Appearance)

Amalthea -- Mia Farrow
Butterfly -- Robert Klein
Mommy Fortuna -- Angela Lansbury
Ruhk -- Brother Theodore
Schmendrick -- Alan Arkin
Captain Cully -- Keenan Wynn
Molly Grue -- Tammy Grimes
King Haggard -- Christopher Lee
Prince Lir -- Jeff Bridges
Mabruk -- Paul Frees
Cat -- Don Messick
Skeleton -- Rene Auberjonois