Val Kilmer

Ok, I'm not his #1 fan (that honour goes to Elora). I'm not even his #3,179 fan. Not even close. No, I'm not making this page out of admiration or respect; I'm making this page because Elora told me to.

Who the hell is he?

Yeah, that was the question I was asking myself when she first mentioned him. Val who? Apparently, he's some bigshot actor -- even a sex symbol, if you will -- who's starred in a bunch of movies. He attended both the Hollywood Professional School and Juilliard before he, like most hopeful actors, pursued a career on the stages of New York, New York for nearly a decade, after which he got himself into some movies.

Well, what the hell did he star in?

Hmm... good question. I hope there's an equally interesting answer.

Geez whiz, if he was in all that, what wasn't he in?

He turned down a very long list of parts for "various artistic and personal reasons" (Yahoo!Movies-Val Kilmer Biography). I guess it really is true- no matter what anyone says, you really can't do it all.

Where can I go for more information on this 'sex symbol'?

Well, since you're not satisfied with the information I've provided you with (high quality information in very high quantities, that's my motto), I suppose you could click here for more... well, anything on Val Kilmer.